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Heat Wave of Desire Yahrah St.John

Welcome to day three of the virtual celebration of Yahrah St. John's latest release, Heat Wave of Desire.  

Yahrah St. John Fun Facts

What songs best describes your work ethic?

This will require much thought. No easy answer on this.
If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be? 

Don’t get in debt. Run from those credit card tables at the student union that offer you a free t-shirt when you sign up and a credit limit that you can’t afford making minimum wage.

Would you rather be well liked or well respected? 

Well-respected. I’m a leader, always have been and that’s important to me.
Would you rather be in love with the person of your dreams or have every dream you wished of accomplished? 
Have every dream you wished of accomplished. I accomplished becoming a published author via traditional publishing. Someone actually bought my book 10 years. Would I love to have wealth (but not fame), yes, but overall I’m pretty satisfied with my life.

So what would you rather?  Share your thoughts below.  I would love to hear from you!

Author Bio

Yahrah St. John is the author of eighteen books, fourteen of which were part of Kimani’s Romance line. St. John is the recipient of RT BookReviews 2013 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Kimani Romance for A Chance With You. A graduate of Hyde Park Career Academy, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Northwestern University. St. John is a member of Romance Writers of America, but is an avid reader of all genres. She enjoys the arts, cooking, traveling, basketball and adventure sports, but her true passion remains writing. St. John lives in sunny Orlando, the City Beautiful. For more information, please visit:

About the Book

As Belleza Resort's general manager, Kimberly Parker is living her dream of transforming her family's decades-old property into California's most exclusive A-list retreat. Her 24–7 dedication leaves the driven executive no time for romance, especially as rumors of sabotage and Belleza's haunted history vie for her attention. But the hotel's enigmatic, ├╝berelegant new guest arouses more than her curiosity, sweeping Kimberly into a taboo affair that jeopardizes all she wishes to achieve. 

Heir to a powerful financial dynasty, Jaxon Dunham knows he can't hide out at the luxurious desert resort forever. Even if his passionate nights with Kimberly are the closest thing to paradise he's ever known. Then Jaxon finds himself the focus of scandalous headlines. Risking exposure, he has to make the decision to trust his heart or walk away from a promising love…

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Enter Yahrah's contest for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift.  One winner will be chosen at the end of the tour.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Locked in Purgatory by Nakia Laushaul

Locked in Purgatory
A wise man leads his family by example. 

AFTER TEN LONG YEARS LEFT TO ROT IN A NURSING HOME, LUTHER BENNETT is plum sick of this life. Paralyzed from the waist down after suffering a series of strokes, the man who once held power, wealth and prestige in the palm of his hands, now has nothing at all except for a disturbing memory bank full of dreams and hopes from his past. Luther’s son, SAMUEL BENNETT, heir to the misfortune of his father’s wealth has grown weary of slipping into Luther’s shoes and desperately desires an identity of his own. Trapped in a relationship that doesn’t exist and a mounting mistrust of all men, Luther’s only daughter, LYNNE BENNETT just can’t seem to find the love and validation that should have come from her father. 

As their lives begin to unravel, the Bennett family must finally make a decision. Live the way they’ve always lived—rooted in secrets, denial and festering anger or change. Can Luther, a mere shell of his former self, save his shattered family from the devastating purgatory he’s created?

Simply Said, says

Outstanding storyteller

This is one of the best, well written books I've read in a long time. 
Luther is stuck in his own purgatory due to his own selfish ways. 
He's only able to grunt, curse, listen to his conscience, his guilt and 
his roommate.
He now lives in hell because he's had many strokes and is unable to 
speak, apologize, plead, or make amends with the family he left, 
to marry one of his tricks... 
"The honorary member of the family"...

He can see and hear everything from his luxury nursing home suite, 
but it's hell on earth.
This story was absolutely heart wrenching, told from each family member, 
and the long term effects it had on each. 
They also were Locked in Purgatory, because of how he lived his life.

Nakia Laushaul is an OUTSTANDING writer and has a way of pulling 
you into the story as if you were right there, like a fly on the wall


Nakia R. Laushaul was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and now resides in Houston, Texas with her lovable teenage son. She is a poet, novelist, and entrepreneur. Nakia is a real people person so, in her free time she enjoys spending it with her family and participating in many social activities. She has always loved to read and early on in life guessed that writing would play a major role in her future. Like many others, Nakia ran away from what she loved, immersed herself in work and concentrated fully on being a mother. 

Inspired and fueled by attempts to be molded into the norm, she began to write her first body of work titled, THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT: IN POETRY & PROSE. Nakia remains determined to present the truth as she sees it in all
facets of her writing, and hopes that her writing will inspire and serve a meaningful purpose for her readers. Nakia is committed to challenging everyone within her reach to find compassion and empathy in the differences that exist among us all. Her debut novel, RUNNING FROM SOLACE recently won the 2011 USA Book News Best Book Award for African American Fiction. She is currently working on her next novel.

The Garden of Unfortunate Souls by Eddie Mark

Simply said, says.....

The Garden of Unfortunate Souls
This was a tragic story about 2 families whose lives meet on a rainy night by accident, by chance and then six degrees of separation. One family of means and one family with little means and a home that joins them. This very well told story, tells both of their stories with compassion and a heart wrenching view of what was the unfortunate cause and effect of these families. The characters were unforgettable and flawed, but human. Eddie Mark is a brilliant writer and storyteller.


Eddie Mark is a writer, researcher, educator, and former city chess champion of Buffalo, New York. His prize-winning short stories have appeared in the Hart House Review and the anthology Bloodlines: Tales from the African Diaspora. The Garden of Unfortunate Souls is his first published novel. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Educational Administration at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. His peer-reviewed academic articles have been published in the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management and the College Student Journal.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SECRETS UNCOVERED “21” Secrets Uncovered by Shelia M. Goss

 “21” Secrets Uncovered by Shelia M. Goss

In honor of her 21st book being released today, Shelia decided to reveal 21 secrets or things you may not know about her.

1. When I was a teenager, me and one of my best friends had aspirations on being the next  rapping duo like Salt N Pepa.
2. When in high school, me and one of my best friends performed a Mary Jane Girls song in a talent show.
3. Me and my best friend once snuck into an LL Cool J after party by pretending to be the relatives of someone attending the party.
4. I've always wanted my own radio show, "Quiet Storm with Oh Shelia."
5.. I once wrote for a few confessional magazines.
6. I used to have a crush on actor Don Johnson. I've watched every Miami Vice & Nash Bridges episode.
7.  My bank account is like a roller goes up and down and sometimes it flatlines.

To see Shelia’s full 21 secrets uncovered list, please visit:


A hot one-night stand could lead to a once-in-a-lifetime chance at love. 
As the producer of one of TV’s highest-rated shows, Kem Phillips has a knack for creating the perfect leading man. But love in real life? No thanks. She has no interest in repeating her mother’s mistakes.
Thank goodness the star of her newest project is discreet. No one knows about the one-night stand they indulged in at her best friend’s wedding. He’s also a gentleman who always seems to be there when she’s in a jam.
Brent McKenzie has had his share of memorable moments, but that night with Kem is as fresh and hot in his mind as if it was yesterday. He’d love to be the man who comes to her rescue in all possible ways—if she’d let him.
When an emergency call sends Kem racing home to Louisiana, she goes against her better judgment and accepts Brent’s offer to go with her. Yet as everything she thought was true about her past crumbles, is his emotional support something solid to lean on…or a crutch she dare not trust?
Secrets Uncovered is available online. Order your copy directly from the publisher

or purchase from other online retailers such as: 


Shelia M. Goss is a screenwriter and national bestselling author of twenty-one books. Secrets Uncovered is her twenty-first book in print. She writes in multiple genres.  She's received many accolades in her career, including being nominated for a 2015 AAMBC Literary Awards in the Romance Author of the Year category.  USA Today says, “Goss has an easy, flowing style with her prose…” Shelia loves to hear from readers so feel free to contact her via her website: or follow
her on Facebook at or Twitter @sheliamgoss. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Empty Womb Empty Tomb Author: Quiana E. Johnson

BANNER (1) Empty Womb Empty Tomb Author: Quiana E. Johnson Genre: Inspirational, Non-Fiction ASIN: B00SZAAHMI

cooltext1885520243 promo_author_pic

Quiana E. Johnson is a sought-after Bible teacher and the author of the new book Empty Womb, Empty Tomb, an astounding life-altering memoir for women who desire encouragement, hope, healing, and deliverance from prenatal trauma. Quiana is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, worship flag dancer, vision consultant, online radio personality, and CO-Pastor of Transformation Temple International, a new progressive church in the Richmond, VA area. Affectionately known as "Queen", she resides in North Chesterfield, VA with her husband and business partner, Bradley. She is currently finishing her Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration and Computer Science at Liberty University. Since the age of 19, Quiana recognized that her predestined assignment is to travel the world teaching women how to overcome their past by having their broken hearts completely mended by the Word of God while becoming engulfed in the purposes of God and representing the Kingdom culture. She currently mentors women in achieving the abundant life in the areas of vision, marriage, finances, and self-love. cooltext1885521552 book_cover_ewet Empty Womb, Empty Tomb is a thought provoking memoir recapping the dramatic events surrounding the premature birth and death of Quiana's baby boy, Nehemiah Johnson, and the restoring work of the Holy Spirit in the aftermath. March 10, 2014 was undeniably marked as one of the most life altering days of her life as her and her husband delivered their firstborn child at home in the bathroom, only to bury him five days later. Through this tragedy, Quiana learned many truths that allowed her to overcome her trauma and receive one of the most riveting revelations of her life. Empty Womb, Empty Tomb provokes every emotion imaginable as the reader tags along as one woman finds hope and wholeness through venturing to an empty tomb once occupied by Jesus Christ.


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Perfectly Loved by Rhana Gittens

Perfectly Loved
Author: Rhana a. Gittens
Paperback: 212 pages
Publisher: NyreePress Publishing (October 22, 2014)
ISBN-10: 0990666239
ISBN-13: 978-0990666233
Genre: Inspirational/Christian Living

Rhana A. Gittens has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Florida. She has a minor certificate in African-American studies and is an accomplished writing tutor. She was born in Queens, NY, raised in Lauderdale Lakes, FL and currently resides in Atlanta, GA.


2lovedpng (1)
Love is one of the most consumed terms in the human language. It’s probably the most wrongly used word, but the word that is most necessary when used correctly. With an inaccurate definition of love we find ourselves searching for something to fulfill us, but in all of our searching we miss it. We miss it because unfortunately we don’t recognize that we are already perfectly loved. The problem is not the overuse of the word love. If it were up to God, we would use it at all times. The problem is, we say the word but don’t do any of the actions that come with its meaning. The problem is that we don’t know what God wanted it to mean, because we don’t give God the credit for the most amazing thing He ever created—LOVE!

​Perfectly Loved will bring us back to the understanding of love from the creator and embodiment of love Himself. Each chapter includes “Think About It” questions and a study verse that are perfect for individual study, Bible Study, and small group lessons. As you explore how God loves you, you will also build love in your relationships with other people, and God. When you discover “perfect love” you will be able to relinquish your fears, push through your adversity, and serve others with love.


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