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Second House From The Corner By Sadeqa Johnson

Second House From The Corner By Sadeqa Johnson

Praise for Second House from the Corner
"Johnson is a skilled storyteller with a breezy style, and the journey of Felicia, a strong African American woman, will have particular appeal for Terry McMillan fans." -Booklist
Felicia Lyons, a ­­­­­­­ stressed out stay-at-home mom struggles to sprint ahead of the demands of motherhood while her husband spends long days at the office. Felicia taps, utters mantra, and breathes her way through most situations but on some days, like when the children won’t stop screaming her name or arguing over toy trucks and pretzel sticks, she wonders what it would be like to get in her car and drive away.
Then one evening the telephone rings, and in a split second the harried mother’s innocent fantasy becomes a hellish reality. The call pulls her back into a life she’d rather forget. Felicia hasn’t been completely honest about her upbringing, and her deception forces her return to the Philadelphia of her childhood, where she must confront the family demons and long buried secrets she thought she had left behind. 
From a phenomenal fresh voice in fiction, comes the compelling story of what happens when the dream falls apart. It’s the unforgettable tale of love, loss, rediscovery, and the growing pains of marriage.

Author Bio

SADEQA JOHNSON is a former public relations manager who spent years working with well-known authors such as J.K. Rowling, Bebe Moore Campbell, Amy Tan and Bishop T.D. Jakes before becoming an author herself. Her debut novel, Love in a Carry-On Bag was hailed by as “this summer’s hottest read.” It was the recipient of the 2013 Phillis Wheatley award for Best Fiction and the 2012 USA Best Book award for African-American fiction .Originally from Philadelphia, Sadeqa Johnson currently resides in Virginia with her husband and three children.Second House from the Corner is her second novel.

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Rekaya Gibson

Sounds like an interesting read and I love the book cover. Congratulations!


The topic is a very relatable one to women who are stay at home mom longing for a different more exciting life outside of their home. Can't wait to read it.


I have been waiting for this book to come out. Cannot wait to read it!! I don't think any life is "picture perfect". Everyone has their own problems or secrets.

Stephanie Heard

I have my copy of Second House From the Corner. I can't wait to begin reading it. It was purchased at one of Sadeqa's book signings in RVA. I read Love In A Carry On Bag and really loved it. I know this book is going to be an excellent read. An no I don't have the 'picture perfect' life. My life is far from being that way. If it was picture perfect, I would be on a beach reading Second House From the Corner right now!

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