Wednesday, February 11, 2009

V Day

Valentines Day
There are so many single ladies, like myself, who hate to be around the office or other friends on Valentines Day. We are Valentines Day haters. We don’t hate the day, we just hate seeing flowers delivered all day and co-workers and friends all excited about their plans for the evening, even worse because it falls on the weekend, hearing all the details of not one but 3 days, knowing we’ll be home with Fluffy and Rover, again.

One year my single girlfriends and I had a waiting to exhale party, which we gave ourselves for Valentines Day. We talked junk about men, ate, and had a pity party. It was better than sitting home alone.

There is solace in the company of likeness.

The following year a few members of the pity party, got married or became involved in a relationship; so the remaining too few of us the “I’m happy” for you haters; decided to give ourselves our own “V” Day. The rules were to do everything for yourself that you would want, or what you would do on Valentines Day.

We met a few days prior to the dreaded day and complied this list.
Wear your sexiest underwear
Use your favorite perfume
Send yourself or your single friend flowers
Dress up in red
Create a cd of all your favorite song and dance and sing
Laugh at your own jokes
Cook or have delivered a gourmet meal
Eat on your best china
Treat yourself to a fine bottle of wine and drink out of your best crystal
Write yourself a love letter
Look at yourself in the mirror and say I love you
Put rose petals on your bed
Sleep in your sexy lingerie
Explore yourself

Just doing these few things for us made the dreaded V day much easier. People at work were dying of curiosity because they had no clue what we were excited about. “Ahhh YOU have a date”??? Not giving folks a yes or a no made them a little nuts, but you have plans right? Why are you worried about mine? I saw how ugly haters looked. Then it dawned on me… just maybe they are doing the same thing we were doing for so long.

So I send this out to all the single ladies
Love you on Valentines Day.
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