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In Love With a Younger Man Cheryl Robinson

Cheryl Robinson
In Love With a Younger Man

I totally adored Olena; where did you draw her character from?

I am so glad you adored Olena. I read most of my reviews even though I was advised by an established author not to and I really wish I wouldn’t because sometimes they make my heart sink, but a recent review just tore Olena up and I thought to myself how could someone not relate to her. Particularly, if you’re a woman in your 40’s or even late thirties and professional and single. Of all of the female characters I have written, Olena is the one who I relate to the most. Yes, she has issues and she was somewhat stuck in the past, okay, she was very much stuck in the past, but I believe that it is our past that defines who we are and what we become as well as how we behave now. Yes, we can change if we want to and if we work on changing what we feel needs to be. Her sabbatical was supposed to be for that purpose, but in the process she found what she really needed to discover aside from who she was, which was how wonderful it felt to experience love times two.

She is a lot like many women, disappointed, over 40, man, and childless. Did you write this story to appeal to these women?

Actually, I wrote the story to appeal to a large cross section of both women and men. I feel young women can learn from Olena’s story and her mistakes and I feel women in Olena’s age bracket can relate to her and have something juicy to discuss with book club members and their friends. The topic of love needs to be discussed more in the black community. Why are so many black women single? We have options…younger men, men of other races. Men our same age and same race as well. We don’t have to feel as though we have to share a man or settle for less. And we definitely don’t have to take the phrase, what’s love got to do with it to heart.

The Cougar phenomenon has been picking up speed lately, why do you think this is?

In my opinion it’s for a couple of reasons. Older women look a lot younger nowadays and it’s not because of plastic surgery or botox either. Perhaps, in some cases, but it’s also because we are taking better care of ourselves, eating right, exercising, and trying not to get too stressed out. Then, there is the availability of younger men versus older men. Many older men are married and have been for quite some time. If they’re single, many of them are dating and prefer to date younger women, which has been the case for years.

I have been approached by younger men, but disregarded their advances, one of the first young brothers who did, years ago, is happily married to an older woman for 15 years now. Watching the Demi’s and Aston’s, and other May December relationships, make me wonder; have I blown my chance?

It is so ironic that you say that. I think that we as women talk ourselves out of some good relationships with men who are good and mean us well, and sometimes we do this because we worry about what other people will think and we have to get away of caring about what other people, such as our friends or family will think about issues that are going to affect our lives and not theirs. In the example you gave above you felt the young man was too young and now look he is married to an older woman because he most likely was genuinely attracted to older women. No, you haven’t your choices. I’m sure you learned from the experience and if that happened over fifteen years ago before the whole younger man-older woman phenomena that we are experiencing now, I’m sure another young cub will come your way. Not suggesting you are a cougar.

You’re in a relationship with a younger man, how did that happen?
I’m not in a relationship with a younger man. I am in love with a younger man and we met through business. He is an incredible friend and I’ve known him for over two years. He is at a stage in his career and his life where perhaps a relationship is not something he is seeking. Our friendship is wonderful and we appreciate each other. Who knows what the future holds.

How much of In Love With A Younger Man is Cheryl’s story?

Let’s just say I can relate.

Olena went for years without a relationship and got into 2 at once; Jason and Matthew.
Jason could not get over the fact that Olena was so not needy, did you write him that way to show he could not get a grip on her, but she had one on him?

At first, I really resisted having him as an ex-NFL player. I didn’t want him to be an athlete, but Jason was an ex-Falcon turned sports commentator. Stereotypically, athletes have a lot of dating options…men with money in general have these. Olena didn’t need his money and didn’t follow sports so she didn’t even know who he was. I felt a man like Jason who had fallen victim to “gold digging” women would appreciate someone like Olena…someone who didn’t have a clue as to who he was and once she found out still didn’t care.

Matthew was the exception not the rule as far as young men today; why did you create him in that character?

Because I didn’t want female readers to say they couldn’t date a “Matthew” and be his sugar mama. I wanted those readers who would be opposed to dating a younger man to think of other reasons they wouldn’t want to date a younger man aside from the belief that younger men date older women just for the money. So I created Matthew’s character to be similar to the younger man who I know and who inspired this story. I created him to be a man who didn’t need Olena’s money; a man who could take care of himself. One who had a well-paying job and a nice home, but still had a lifestyle of someone in his twenties.

The twist in this story blew my mind! I read 100’s of books a year and never saw this coming. Was this twist plotted out or did it come to you while writing?

I rarely plot out twists, but this one was plotted out. It came to me before I had even written the synopsis to the story. I will never forget that I was driving at the time. I had just left the carwash in Ocala and it popped into my head. I remember smiling and saying, “Yep, that’s it.”

What else do we need to know about Olena,Matthew, and Jason that was not told in the story?

I think readers are given a good background into Olena’s life from the time she is eighteen years old and should feel they know her the most of all. Matthew is confused when it comes to love and how to express it. His whole idea of female “friends” and being intimate with them is something that may provide temporary pleasure, but is also a source of confusion for him. He would love to find that one woman who could prevent his mind from wandering to so many others. Jason wants love just as much as Olena and he wants his sons to have a mother-figure in their lives. Jason knows what he wants…and it’s Olena.

Do you want to say anything to us who may consider playing with cubs?

Keep your options open. There are plenty of women who have, who are and who will become involved with men who are younger. The man’s age, as long as he is legal, should not be the focal point. Can the two of you relate and communicate? Do you share a mutual respect for each other? And whatever you do, don’t remind him of the age difference. My younger male friend never wanted to know how old I was, but I forced the issue. In some ways, I wish I hadn’t.

Please tell me the sequel if there is one, is out very soon.

Yes, there is a sequel. Actually, this is the first book in a series that revolves around the character Olena Day. The second book in the series is a continuation of book two and opens where book one left off. I am more than halfway finished with writing the second book in the series. Hopefully, I should have a release date to share pretty soon.

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I LOVED this story! Olena, Jason, and Matthew, were very intriguing and fascinating. Cheryl Robinson did a phenomenal job creating 2 complex relationships, and making them both totally believable. I was delighted that it WAS NOT just another romance. Also as an avid reader, the twist blew me away. I never saw that coming! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would GREAT READ,
Debra Owsley


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