Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Survey: What Readers really want

1. What do authors do wrong?
2. What would you like them to do?
3. Which authors do you find very interactive?
4. Do you travel to book events in and out of state?
5. Which ones do you attend?
6. Do you listen to Blogtalk radio?
7. Which shows do you listen to?
8. Do you write reviews?
9. Where do you post them to?
10. What would you like to see more of?
11. Do you read E Books?
12. Do you belong to any Bookclubs?
13. What is the name and how many members?
14. Do you belong to any social net works?
15. Which ones? Please add links
16. What is your favorite book store?
17. Why?
18. Has the economy effected your book buying?
19. Where do you buy online?
20. Do you email authors?
21. Do you subscribe to their website or blog?
22. If no, Why?
23. Would you participate in a phone chat with your favorite author?
24. Would you participate in a online book fair?
25. What do you want authors to know?


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