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Wouldn't Change a Thing (Zane Presents) by Stacy Campbell (Jul 14, 2015)

Wouldn't Change a Thing 
Stacy Campbell
When skeletons fall out of the closet, on the day of your engagement party, and on the front page of the newspaper, things can only get worse. Toni has been hiding and lying about her mother who is a paranoid schizophrenic and regularly speaks to Clark Gable, Mahalia Jackson and Jesus.  “Bill Withers was her Thorazine, Marvin Gaye was her Prolixin and Natalie Cole was her Haldol.” She has been institutionalized for over 20 years and Toni and her sister has been raised with different family members, Toni by her 2 gay uncles which helped her to become a successful architect and cultured. The man of her dreams dumps her in the most unfortunate way leaving her no choice but to go home and deal with the demons.

This is an awesome story about love, family, true friendship and how to bloom where you are planted.

You make plans and God laughs. Mental illness is real and you can’t just hide them away and pretend they don’t exist. The universe has a way of making you deal with things left undone.

This story was beautifully told by a wonderful author who has quickly risen to be one of my top 10 consistent favorite authors and one to watch, This girl is gooood!!

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Stacy Campbell

Stacy Campbell is the author of Dream Girl AwakenedForgive Me, and Wouldn’t Change a Thing. She was born and raised in Sparta, Georgia, where she spent summers on the front porch listening to the animated tales of her older relatives. She lives with her family in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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